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I am Pandora - Short Movie Award Advanced 2nd place (Talentscreen)

A production by Manuel Mandis and Maurus Egger ( The film had to be planned and implemented within 60 hours! The subject was: Pandora's box. Our project took second place among the three nominated films! A big thank you to our entire team: Sabrina Pfiffner, Barbara Lehmann, Balz Egger, Paolo Cinelli, Janett Degonda, Ronja Lehmann, Jennifer Bodmer. Movie description: The young Ms. Lehmann accepts an advertising offer that promises her to lead an easier and more successful life. Shortly afterwards, she experiences in her mind the consequences that this decision has for her. The apparently better life turns out to be a serious wrong decision, as any emotion in her turns off. The collapse is inevitable. But the experience is only a premonition that she goes through during the consultation with PandoraLink Medical Solution. Should she open this Pandora's box? Every day we make decisions that either lead in one direction or the other and significantly change the further course of our lives. We are all Pandora. Produced by: Mandis Manuel Maurus Egger

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